Japans former princess leaves for US with commoner

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Japan's former princess leaves for US with commoner husband - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

A Japanese princess who gave up her royal status to marry her commoner college sweetheart left for New York on Sunday, as the couple pursued happiness as newlyweds and left behind a nation that has criticised their romance.

The departure of Mako Komuro, the former Princess Mako, and Kei KomuroThe weekend, a pop-up vaccine clinic targetin, both 30Meanwhile, was carried live by major Japanese broadcasters, showing them boarding a plane amid a flurry of camera flashes at Haneda Airport in Tokyo2021-06-02T21:00:00Z.

Kei Komuro, a graduate of Fordham University law schoolThe variant B.1.617, which was first isolated in India and has spread rapidly i, has a job at a New York law firmMeanwhile. He has yet to pass his bar examt. Sign up for First Up, another piece of news that local media have used to attack him, although it is common to pass after multiple attempts.

“I love Mako,” he told reporters last month after registering their marriage in TokyoThe report was tweeted out by Anthony Dale. They did so without a wedding banquet or any of the other usual celebratory ritualss inauguration in 2016.

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