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BMW 1 Series coating production line (Figure)

BMW 1 Series coating production line (Figure)

October 27, 2004

BMW hopes that the investment of 500million euros in the 1 series assembly plant in Regensburg (Regensburg, Bavaria) can improve the efficiency, quality and flexibility of its easy to process products. Regensburg is the first factory to start production of series 1, and factories in Munich and Leipzig are also about to start production of series 1. Regensburg plant plans to produce 500 sets of series 1 per day, that is, 100000 to 120000 sets per year. BMW's investment of 500million euros is not only for the new 1 Series released this year, but also for the new 3 series to be produced in 2005

BMW hopes to improve production efficiency and quality and remove bottlenecks. For example, it hopes to reduce the rework rate by 30%

the paint spraying workshop is the core of this technological transformation, with a total investment of 250million euros. Now, due to the increased production capacity, the paint shop no longer needs expensive night shifts. In the past five years, paint shops like most small and medium-sized enterprises have had to extend working hours every day to cope with the increasing production. But the cost of three shifts is very high. Now BMW can complete the same task in two shifts, which leaves room for future production. Not only the output has been improved, but also the error rate has been greatly reduced. Now 90% of the car bodies can be painted correctly at one time, compared with 70% in the past

the soaking process before spraying has been greatly improved. Now there is only one point per vehicle that needs to be sanded manually after painting, compared with 8 to 10 points in the past. The new flexible pretreatment and catalytic system is controlled by computer, which can soak the car body into multiple pretreatment tanks successively and rotate the car body at the same time, so that all surfaces can be treated more evenly. This system can automatically adjust the speed and the angle of entry and exit according to the car model. Each vehicle model exits the treatment tank at a different angle to ensure that the treatment fluid will not accumulate in the vehicle body. The transmission system in the paint shop is also a great innovation. It is provided by Eisenmann company, called varioshuttle system. It was first used in BMW's South Africa factory to try out the front window glass of SI2 made of polycarbonate. This system can save space, but it must be cleaned frequently to avoid corrosion

a new sealing process jointly developed by Henkel, the material supplier, and schuckert, the manufacturer of equipment, is called flat stream. New materials and new coating processes have eliminated harmful and excessive spraying, which in the past had to be removed manually. Flat stream process no longer uses high-pressure air, but uses mechanical pressure, so that sealant can be applied more accurately. Twelve new robots are responsible for the work of 80. In the past, this work was 100% manual

regensburg's paint shop has installed many robots to assist in manual and positioning automatic paint spraying. In two parallel painting lines, 72 robots are responsible for the painting of the bottom layer, bottom color and surface. Does regensbu know what a horizontal tensile testing machine is? RG also uses the innovative powder clearcoat technology like BMW's headquarters in dingolfingen. But in Regensburg, BMW cooperates with painting expert DURR company. Through robot technology and advanced automatic control, it can save 1kg of powder per vehicle

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