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Second hand printing machine equipment in the eyes of foreign printers

the 7th German Second Machinery International Expo recently ended in Nuremberg, a famous city in southern Germany. From the perspective of this Expo, the products on display are more and more complete, the scale is larger and larger, the number of visitors is more and more, the effect is increasing year by year, and the market is more and more prosperous

Germany erxie International Expo was founded in 1995. The mechanical products on display are mainly metal processing, plastic, rubber, wood, food, packaging, printing, textile machinery, mainly including transportation, power, energy, construction, medical treatment, copying, environmental protection, media, communication, agriculture, pharmacy, measurement and almost all kinds of mechanical products. Especially in the past two years, the variety, quantity, exhibition area and the number of visitors have increased rapidly. It has become the largest Second Machinery Expo in the world. It is necessary to ensure that the pressure of the accumulator is in normal working condition

since its inception, the Expo has been dominated by Germany's Erxi machinery, accounting for more than 70% of the total number of exhibits, and is the largest supplier. Other parts are mainly from Italy, France, Switzerland, Britain, the Netherlands and other European countries. In recent years, the number of secondary machinery in the United States has gradually increased, and there are also products from South Korea, Israel, Iran and other countries. Besides Germany itself, the largest customers are Eastern European countries and the Arab world. Among the composition of professional audiences, Eastern European countries account for 45% and Arab countries account for 17%, which are the two regions with the largest proportion. In terms of countries, fill in the thread pitch here, and the order of the audience is Romania, Iran, Turkey, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Egypt, Hungary, Poland, Belarus, Czech Republic. In addition, there are also many visitors from Nigeria, India and Tunisia

Erxi is not only popular in developing countries or sub developed countries, but also more and more favored by some companies in European and American developed countries. In the past two years, the number of professional visitors, especially in Italy and the Netherlands, has increased rapidly. Many people believe that the cheap second machinery can be used as a substitute for new machinery. Perhaps it is for this reason that the turnover of the second machinery market has increased rapidly. Last year, it increased by 18% over the previous year, with an average annual turnover of more than US $13billion, accounting for about 10% of the total turnover of mechanical products in the world

according to the analysis and statistics of the relevant departments of the Expo Company, 70% of the professional visitors want to buy second machinery for their own use, some are in urgent need of solving the company's urgent needs in production, and the other 30% are the buyers of machinery manufacturers and a small number of development assistance agencies. Some countries or companies want to use a small amount of money to buy valuable secondary equipment and provide development assistance to third world countries

it is understood that the second machinery market is thriving for the following reasons:

1. The price is cheap

this is the most fundamental one. Obviously, economic leverage is at work. The exhibits on the Expo are products from the 1980s onwards. They are also very new in maintenance and look similar to new ones, but their prices are much cheaper. They are more than 30% less than new machines on average, and the prices of some machines are only 30% to 40% of new machines

2. Quality assurance

Germany erxie Expo specially hired experts in technology, law, evaluation and other aspects to serve customers, fully meet their requirements on the performance of purchased products, and do quality assurance appraisal for them

3. Perfect service system

at the thin strip Expo, there is a team of people specially responsible for communicating the letter between the buyer and the seller. The stretching speed is 100mm/min, stretching to the breaking record. In their computer, there are both the seller's mailing address and the buyer's contact. They put all the seller's mechanical information on it. The buyer can understand the performance of the machinery and view the pictures through the network, so as to find the mechanical products he needs

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