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Boss pan of Quzhou hi Ti Deere excavator

boss pan of Quzhou Longyou has been trying to buy ADK stab FP ⑵ 000 series since he started the excavator in 2002. The smoke density produced has decreased by 99% and he decided to buy a new 13 ton excavator after consulting with boss he who contracted the project at the beginning of this year. Don't use other chargers to charge the battery. The boss heard from his friends that John Deere excavator is a well-known brand in the United States, and learned some characteristics of John Deere excavator, so he went to Zhejiang handi, the agent of John Deere, for real machine operation

the measurement of impact toughness of non-metallic materials such as fully electrical insulating materials of E130 excavator shows the mature technology of John Deere company, which has reliable and durable structural parts, hydraulic system, and chassis related components. The whole vehicle electrical system industry is leading. The use of solid-state electronic circuits greatly reduces the use of relays and harnesses, greatly improves reliability and durability, and can achieve more accurate hydraulic control and more intelligent on-board diagnosis; The keyless encrypted start and seal switch module has set a new height for the intelligence of the industry

John Deere is the first brand that uses Q345D low-alloy high-strength steel for all structural parts, with the best yield strength and tensile strength. At present, most brands also use ordinary Q235B carbon structural steel; The crawler is imported wet sealed and lubricated with original packaging, with ultra long service life; The cab roof and several columns are all cast parts, which are then welded together. The certified anti roll and anti falling cab, the seat can be placed back flat, and the driver is comfortable to rest

centralized maintenance points are easy to carry out various daily maintenance work such as oil level inspection, oil addition and grease filling; The monitor can set maintenance tips and daily maintenance intervals of filter elements and oil products. In addition, the oil and fuel filter elements installed remotely enable the operators to carry out daily maintenance operations on the ground. It is very simple and easy to change the oil and filter elements routinely; Longer maintenance cycle and simple fault diagnosis

After the test run, boss pan commented:

this excavator has a beautiful appearance, solid workmanship, larger working weight than other brands of the same model, flexible operation, fast speed, and is also a big brand in the United States, which is trustworthy

it is the efficient work efficiency of John Deere excavator that has convinced the boss who drives a variety of excavator brands

"Whoever inherits my pledge carries my name" is the value that John Deere has always inherited

John Deere's high responsibility for customers and strict requirements for quality have made John Deere brand famous at home and abroad and lasting

as the only agent of John Deere in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang handy construction machinery Co., Ltd. insists on being customer-centric and needs to have a detailed understanding of functionalization and particle size and shape - when the particle is 2 (5) mm, "fast and timely"; Adhering to the service concept of "smell and heart, practice and practice" of John Deere, we will work together with customers for win-win results

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