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R & D and application of dual force digital shipbuilding is expected

in order to speed up the use of intelligent manufacturing tree model in the shipbuilding industry, the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology held a field experience exchange meeting on the promotion of Intelligent Manufacturing in the shipbuilding industry in Nantong COSCO Kawasaki Shipbuilding Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as COSCO Kawasaki). Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, attended the rally and delivered a speech. During the meeting, the expert members and the persons in charge of the participating shipping enterprises held a consultation on the final draft of the guidance on promoting intelligent manufacturing of ships

five steps to promote the manufacturing upgrading of ship enterprises

Xin Guobin said that land engineering equipment and smart craft ships are one of the ten major key areas understood in made in China 2025, the primary component of the country's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and the fundamental and primary support of China's land power strategy. "The 13th Five Year Plan period is a critical period for China's shipbuilding industry to become stronger, and property growth has entered a three-phase superposition stage of growth reduction, layout adjustment and advantage reconstruction. Accelerating the promotion of the new generation of information technology and the improvement of the previous generation of shipbuilding technology to have a smooth understanding, and vigorously promoting intelligent manufacturing can quickly improve the quality and effectiveness of shipbuilding, reduce capital and resource consumption, which is to strengthen China's shipbuilding industry." The effective way of core competitiveness of shipbuilding enterprises is also the primary means to speed up product innovation and intelligent growth, and it is also the primary step to build new international competitive advantages of China's shipbuilding industry "

Xin Guobin requires all parties to comprehensively promote the international competitiveness of the shipbuilding industry, support the goal of building a strong shipbuilding country, solidly promote the intelligent manufacturing of the shipbuilding industry, and focus on five tasks:

first, we should strengthen the top-level design and piecemeal guidance of the intelligent manufacturing of the shipbuilding industry, and publish the guiding opinions on promoting the intelligent manufacturing of ships (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), Guide non fundamental shipbuilding enterprises to steadily promote the support of intelligent production lines, intelligent workshops and intelligent factories

the second is to steadily promote the intelligent manufacturing pilot model of the shipbuilding industry. The special steps of the intelligent manufacturing pilot model of the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2016 have been launched. It is necessary to guide enterprises in the shipbuilding industry to settle down and strive to carry out the pilot model

third, accelerate the implementation of the basic form of the pilot tree model, form a batch of digital process development software, experimental platforms, databases and technical standards shared by the international advanced industry, build the standard fragments of Intelligent Manufacturing in the shipbuilding industry, and support a new form of integration of ship digital R & D, design and manufacturing

fourth, strengthen the policy support and guidance. The implementation guide for Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering (2016-2020) focuses on ten major key areas such as land engineering equipment and smart craft ships. Through the process of technological reform, industrial transformation and upgrading projects, smart manufacturing projects, etc., strengthen the support of smart manufacturing reform projects, technological breakthroughs, industry standards, new forms and smart manufacturing equipment in the shipbuilding industry

fifth, strengthen advocacy, promote the implementation and utilization of typical experience, select 1~2 shipbuilding enterprise trees as benchmarks in the shipbuilding industry, strive to build a model room of intelligent shipyards, and mobilize the growth of other international shipbuilding enterprises

implement intelligent manufacturing of "intermediate products" of ships

"in my opinion, there are three major achievements in China's shipbuilding industry: the product competitive advantage is not prominent; the technology is widely lagging behind; and the management system and mechanism are not perfect." Academician Lin Zhongqin, head of the expert group and executive vice president of Shanghai Communications University, said that the organization of the "opinions" mainly focuses on improving the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of China's shipbuilding, and takes the use of lean, digital, active, intelligent and other technologies as the main line to implement the intelligent manufacturing of "intermediate products" of ships

China industry news learned that in view of the overall level of shipbuilding enterprises in the future, the "opinions" will follow the principle of "making up lessons, popularizing and building models", consolidate the foundation of digitalization, collection and automation, comprehensively imitate human form: 100kg, promote the intellectualization of the whole process of ship design, manufacturing, management and protection, and enhance the core competitiveness of China's shipbuilding industry

"opinions" proposed that in perfect shipbuilding, lean management of fragmentation; Comprehensively promote digital shipbuilding; Fully supply the manufacturing process with initiative and intelligence; Comprehensively improve the information perception ability of the shipbuilding process, and understand the 22 detailed sub tasks under the four major tasks. On the basis of relying on its own property, we should work together at both ends of R & D and utilization, promote application with research, and lead research with application, break through a number of critical technologies and equipment, and vigorously promote a new form of ship intelligent manufacturing

following the phased goal, the "opinions" proposed that by 2020, we should comprehensively establish lean shipbuilding systems, promote the use of digital shipbuilding technology, break through the critical technologies of ship segment intelligent manufacturing characteristics such as ship intelligent manufacturing process, intelligent equipment and production line, comprehensive control of workshop production, workshop intelligent manufacturing platform, intelligent manufacturing technology systems, and support the tree model project of ship segment intelligent manufacturing workshop, The shipbuilding efficiency of backbone shipbuilding enterprises reaches 15 man hours per total ton of repair, the manufacturing rate of segment allowance is 90%, and the pre outfitting rate before loading is 85%. The shipbuilding efficiency and manufacturing quality depend on Japan and South Korea

by 2025, a comprehensive platform for information perception, IOT and Information Physics will be built to comprehensively deepen the utilization of large data and intelligent technology; Break through the critical characteristics of smart shipyards and build a number of tree model smart shipyards. The shipbuilding efficiency of backbone shipbuilding enterprises reaches 10 man hours per total ton of repair, with a residual manufacturing rate of 95% in segments and a pre outfitting rate of 90% before carrying. Strive to solve the problem of cross provincial replacement of electrolytic aluminum production capacity. Backbone shipbuilding enterprises catch up with and surpass the advanced countries in shipbuilding efficiency and production quality

During the meeting, Xin Guobin and his party examined COSCO Kawasaki intelligent manufacturing production line. When they learned that the world's first ice driven reinforced dual fuel vehicle ro ro ship made by the company would be delivered in September, and that it was preparing to produce 19000~2100 ultra large container ships with product quality in line with relevant national standards, they gave full recognition to its achievements in land engineering equipment manufacturing

as the only one of the first batch of Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot tree model projects elected in the shipbuilding industry, Han Chengmin, general manager of COSCO Kawasaki in China, introduced that for 20 years, the company has been taking the in-depth understanding of informatization and industrialization and intelligent manufacturing as the main target of transformation and upgrading. Especially since 2012, COSCO Kawasaki has taken the expansion of intelligent manufacturing systems such as the use of large robots and the implementation of production line reform as the entry point for the smooth understanding of industrialization and industrialization, Reduce labor costs by a large margin, reduce the intensity of rest, reform the homework environment, improve production efficiency and quality, so as to continue to improve the competitiveness of enterprises

Zhonghua industry news learned that COSCO Kawasaki has built profile steel, bar material, current group robot production line and group robot welding production line

"the team robot welding production line is a milestone for our intelligent production." Han Chengmin stressed that it was inconsistent with the previous three lines. This production line can convert the plane drawing into a three-dimensional plane drawing, manipulate the photography technology to actively locate, track the leakage experiment and stop the three-dimensional welding. The welding quality is more stable, the repair quantity is low, and the production cycle is also reduced from two days per segment in the past to one day. The efficiency of homework is improved by about 60%

Han Chengmin said that in the process of stopping COSCO Kawasaki intelligent manufacturing, he had three points: first, lean management, including lean design and data support, is the primary factor for intelligent manufacturing equipment to fully demonstrate its effectiveness and complete its ability; Second, overall planning and continuous implementation are very important. Third, we should closely contact the actual production needs of the enterprise itself, and independently complete the basic design of the production line and reengineer the process

"there is no shortcut, only confrontation." Hanchengmin stressed that any manufacturing enterprise has the capital to deal with it, but COSCO Kawasaki has insisted for 20 years, continued to make innovation and improvement, and completed the precise control of cost, supply, inventory and other links

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