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Photovoltaic "black technology" products appeared in SNEC, and the photovoltaic glass industry attracted attention

recently, SNEC International Photovoltaic Exhibition was held in Shanghai. As one of the largest photovoltaic exhibitions in the world, SNEC every year brings together global photovoltaic leaders, industry experts, excellent enterprises and innovative products. It is an annual event of the global photovoltaic industry. Many photovoltaic glass related products are also displayed at the exhibition

1. GCL: ubiquity power IOT + Xin monocrystal

as a well deserved giant in the industry, GCL group exhibited products including ubiquity power IOT products, Xin monocrystal, 455w high-efficiency Xin monocrystal components, perovskite components and so on, of which the most eye-catching are ubiquity power IOT and Xin monocrystal series products

it is understood that ubiquitous power IOT is a part of the establishment of an energy interconnection ecosystem by national power, which refers to the information connection and interaction between people and things at any time, place in the power industry, generating shared data and serving users, electricity, power generation, suppliers and the government and society

ubiquitous power IOT takes electricity as the hub, plays a platform and sharing role, and can create greater opportunities for the development of the whole industry and more market players. It is understood that GCL is expected to promote the consumption of clean energy through its extensive presence in the field of power IOT. According to the reporter, it is expected to build a smart energy comprehensive service platform, cultivate and develop emerging businesses, and build an energy ecosystem

in addition, the Xin single crystal series products exhibited by GCL are also one of the most eye-catching products in this exhibition. The maximum output power of the 72 gcl-m2 laminated tile series Xin single crystal double-sided components reaches 455w, and the component efficiency reaches 18.7%. The innovative battery slicing technology greatly reduces the series current and greatly reduces the internal loss of the components. It is an ideal choice for projects in high heat areas

2. Longjile ye: hi-mo4 double-sided components

according to the understanding that the two surfaces of the 5.4 sample are coated with appropriate vaseline oil, the new generation of hi-mo 4 components adopt the upgraded perc technology, so that the battery efficiency is as high as 22.5%, the power reaches 420W, and the 6-grid line design can have better light absorption. The half slice and double-sided technology loaded at the same time can reduce the hot spot temperature by 10 ℃ -20 ℃, reduce the working temperature, and improve the power generation performance in case of shadow shading and current mismatch; Back power generation can also increase revenue

3. Jingke energy: Swan series new products

Jingke energy showed Swan series new products in this SNEC exhibition. This series of products rely on cheetah half piece double-sided power generation technology, innovatively combined with transparent backplane application, and achieved breakthroughs in power, annual power generation, reliability, kwh cost and other indicators in 2012. Among them, the Swan n-type double-sided transparent backplane assembly has a maximum front output power of 425w, and the Swan plus double-sided assembly with a maximum front output power of 460W is particularly noteworthy at this SNEC. Through the superposition and application of many advanced technologies, the back gain of Swan series components can reach 5% to 30%. In addition, the application of low resistance connection technology also effectively reduces the hot spot effect of reverse current of n-type components, providing important technical support for the reliable operation of components in the later stage

4. Tongwei shares: SHJ solar cells

this time, Tongwei exhibited high-purity crystalline silicon products of Yongxiang shares, Tongwei solar cells and other breakthrough products, which were highly concerned by industry experts

it is understood that the conversion efficiency of SHJ solar cells exhibited by Tongwei solar energy this time is as high as 22.4%, without PID and lid effects, and the color is uniform. The ultra-high efficiency SHJ battery module exhibited together has a power of 442w. The heterojunction combined with the laminated tile technology has the advantages of high double-sided rate, good weak light performance, low temperature coefficient and so on, reducing the BOS cost of supports and cables

5. North China Huachuang: TOPCON process key equipment for high-efficiency batteries

TOPCON is a new technology - tunnel oxidation passivation contact, which is suitable for n-type batteries and can improve battery efficiency. As a leading domestic equipment supplier, North China Huachuang is keenly aware of the future potential of TOPCON technology and has developed relevant equipment

it is understood that the key equipment of TOPCON process high-efficiency battery of North China Huachuang has obvious advantages of turning off the power supply at the end. For the 156~162mm size battery chips of horis d8573al series low-voltage diffusion furnace, when the production capacity of each batch is as high as 1200 pieces/tube or even higher, the uniformity of diffusion block resistance is still better than 4%, and the average chip energy consumption is reduced by more than 50% compared with the atmospheric diffusion furnace

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