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Photovoltaic enterprise giants participated in the formulation of three photovoltaic international standards

the EU's "double anti" against China has cast a shadow on the development of Chinese photovoltaic enterprises. How to dispel the haze and find a way out? Yesterday, the summer meeting of semi China photovoltaic Standards Technical Committee was held in Yangzhou. CTOs of national photovoltaic enterprise giants such as Jingao, Yingli, Suntech and Savi gathered in the ancient city of Yangzhou to discuss the industrial technical standards, and at the same time, they also conveyed an industry confidence: technological upgrading to break the trade barriers caused by the low-end price war or a way out. At the same time, the conference also released three semi photovoltaic international standards formulated by China for the first time to boost the confidence of Chinese photovoltaic enterprises

new standard release

Yang Qi participated in the formulation of Three International Photovoltaic standards

at the summer meeting of the semi China photovoltaic Standards Technical Committee yesterday, three semi standards formulated by China for the first time: technical requirements for antireflection coated glass for crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules, technical requirements for packaging and protection of photovoltaic modules, and VA content in EVA for photovoltaic modules measured by TGA were released in Yangzhou

this is the first release of China's formulation of International Photovoltaic standards, which is of milestone significance to the promotion of China's photovoltaic industry and semi standard work

in addition to the international standards passed, the semi China summer meeting also discussed whether to approve three new industry standards to enter the national voting process. These three standards are the product quality standards of similar monocrystalline silicon wafers, high-purity polysilicon packaging bag standards and polysilicon chlorine atom test methods. Among them, the product quality standards of similar monocrystalline silicon wafers are led by Jing'ao and jointly initiated by more than 10 domestic photovoltaic enterprises in the same field

in the voting session of the General Assembly yesterday afternoon, these three standards have been approved to enter the global voting process, which will be voted by hundreds of semi photovoltaic enterprises around the world. If passed, they will become international standards

breaking through the "double reverse"

shelving price disputes and seeking technological breakthroughs

"double reverse" has brought many difficulties and challenges to the global photovoltaic industry, as well as many opportunities. On June 14, the executive meeting of the State Council adopted six new policies for photovoltaic, the fifth of which emphasizes the need to support the research and development and industrialization of key materials and equipment, and strengthen the construction of standards and specifications for the photovoltaic industry. "Therefore, semi's work is of great importance to the normative development of the entire photovoltaic industry." Qiao Kai, director of emerging technology in semi China, believes that

"semi is definitely against photovoltaic" double reverse " Qiao Kai said that such trade wars have also occurred in the semiconductor industry and the display screen industry before. "This is a process that an industry will inevitably experience after internationalization and industrial division of labor." He believes that there are political factors in the "double anti" trade disputes, and each country should protect its own markets and enterprises. "But if enterprises focus on the price based trade war, they are looking for the wrong focus."

Jamesamano, the director of semi global standards, believes that the material testing machine industry can develop healthily in the competition only if high-end competition is carried out in technology, standards, brands and other aspects, and the whole material testing machine is a material testing machine that integrates the functions of stretching, bending, tightening, shearing, ring stiffness and so on

Yang Enterprise Development

Yangzhou has become the world's largest photovoltaic cell production base

for the development of Yangzhou photovoltaic enterprises, Liu Yong, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Jing'ao Solar Energy Investment Co., Ltd., called it "rising against the trend". Liu Yong introduced that the production base of Jingao in Yangzhou is the largest in the world in terms of solar cells alone, and it is also the most advanced in mass production technology. The average photoelectric conversion efficiency of products is the highest in the world, with strong competitiveness

"although this industry is now in a difficult period, the competition of photovoltaic enterprises in the future will be at a higher level, with higher requirements for product quality and technical content, rather than low-level competition such as production capacity and price."

the photovoltaic industry plays an important role in the economic development of Yangzhou. The semi China summer conference with the highest standard of the global photovoltaic industry held in Yangzhou also has the unusual significance of not establishing a career development channel for all kinds of personnel at all levels. Fly over Junguo Zhu Dong Xiaoyu

explanation of terms

semi photovoltaic international standard

semi is a global industry association with a history of more than 40 years. The semi photovoltaic international standard project has been officially launched since 2007. More than 600 technical experts in the photovoltaic field have formed 22 working groups in China, Europe, North America, Japan and other countries and regions, drafting and publishing nearly 50 semi photovoltaic standards

semi China's core members of the technical committee are representatives of enterprises and research institutions in the domestic photovoltaic industry in the field of components, equipment, batteries, materials, and the total angle of twists and turns of the sample is about 180 °. Zhonghua glass () Department

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