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Photography packaging uses photos to reflect the true face of the packaged things

"photography packaging" is a way to reflect the true face of the packaging through the photos taken, especially the colorful and lifelike color photos. This is the biggest feature of photography packaging and its greatest advantage, so that people have an intuitive understanding of the goods in the packaging. Such as the shape, color and texture of goods, in order to enhance the shelf appeal of goods and stimulate consumers' desire to buy at the door of Hangxiao steel structure production workshop, "photographic packaging" has gradually become an important form of expression of commodity packaging, especially food packaging decoration design

in tea packaging, the technique of "photographic packaging" can be seen everywhere. Nevertheless, we must also consider the relationship between photographic packaging and the structural design of tea packaging materials, packaging modeling design and printing technology. Not all tea packaging is suitable for "photographic packaging". According to the current situation of tea packaging in China, paper bag packaging, plastic film packaging, florsk bag packaging, some composite film packaging, and iron tin, iron box, cardboard box packaging in hard packaging can all adopt "photography packaging", and these tea packaging basically meet consumers directly

China is the hometown of tea in the world, with the longest history of tea production, tea making and tea drinking, the most complete tea categories and the most varieties of tea. No tea producing country in the world can compare with China. China's tea culture has a long history and rich connotation. In order to better carry forward the national drink and make Chinese tea more widely to the world, it is imperative to improve the packaging mode and adopt more advanced and scientific packaging. Among them, photography packaging has a special role, because tea is a kind of beverage, its color and shape can be vividly displayed by photography, and color photos give people a natural and realistic feeling. In China, there are many famous, excellent and special teas that have long been famous at home and abroad. The use of photographic packaging is like icing on the cake, which not only makes the tea packaging more shiny and colorful, but also adds charm to the tea itself, which is an invisible huge driving force for improving the added value of tea products and expanding the sales of tea (5 points should be 50kN, 100kN, 150kn, 200kn, 300KN)

the content of "photographic packaging" of tea is richer than that of other commodities, because it can include the color and shape of tea itself, the natural scenery and customs of the place of origin, the elegant tea set and the color of tea soup when brewing, which can be shown through carefully arranged color photos. Small packaged tea and gift tea are more suitable to use "photographic packaging". For example, West Lake Longjing tea is famous for its green color, fragrant fragrance, sweet taste and beautiful shape. It is produced in Shifeng, Longjing, Meiwu and other places in Hangzhou's West Lake mountain area with undulating peaks and beautiful scenery. The beautiful scenery of the West Lake is intoxicating; Another example is Dongting Biluochun, which is tea green and curly like a snail. It is produced in Dongting East and West Mountains of Taihu island in Wu County, Suzhou; Huangshan Maofeng, with delicate buds and leaves, is produced in Huangshan, a world-famous tourist resort with four wonders: strange pines, strange rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs. The strange scenery of Huangshan has attracted countless Chinese and foreign tourists. Imagine that if these famous teas, which are well-known at home and abroad, are accompanied by physical color photos and charming scenic notes of origin in their sales packaging, it will greatly enhance the shelf appeal of tea, and at the same time, it will also make silent advertisements for the tourism industry. The "photographic packaging" of tea can really be described as "killing many birds with one stone"

of course, the "photographic packaging" of tea requires not only designers to have high artistic literacy and photography technology, but also packaging materials and printing plate making process suitable for color photography and printing. For example, using full-automatic multi-color glue, the current self-sufficiency rate of petrochemical industry in Southeast Asia is insufficient, printing machine and electronic color separation machine can better achieve the photographic effect, and so on

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