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A number of photovoltaic companies listed in the United States are facing delisting crisis

after the average closing price for 30 consecutive trading days was less than $1, Jingao solar Holdings Co., Ltd. recently announced that it had received a delisting warning from the NASDAQ Exchange. This is another company that received a delisting warning from the American Stock Exchange after Daquan new energy in August and Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. in September

share price downturn

the share prices of several photovoltaic companies listed in the United States have also hovered around $1 in the past month. As of press time, since March 1, the shares of SunPower, Yuhui sunshine (SE), Daquan new energy (dq. NYSE), Zhongdian photovoltaic (SDAQ) and Hanhua new energy (hsol.Nasdaq) have been reported at US $0.79, US $1.32, US $0.84, US $1.2 and US $1.05 respectively

Jingao solar energy company insiders told leading finance and economics that the delisting warning is a technical approach. "If we fail to reach the price of $1/share in 30 trading days, the exchange will issue a delisting warning. However, we still have six months to rule out the mitigation period from the following three aspects, so there are still many ways to help stabilize the stock price." Jingao Solar said that by April 9 next year, the company will try to solve the stock price problem

it is understood that during the six-month "easing period", if the share price can reach more than $1 on the last trading day of any month, and the average share price in that month is more than $1, the company does not have to delist

in the past month, the share price of Yuhui sunshine has been hovering between $1.25 and $1.55, and the overall trend is downward; CLP PV fell to $1.08 on September 20 and October 2, failing to exceed $1.26; The share price of Hanhua new energy also remained depressed, falling to $1.05 on September 20 and October 15, always below $1.21

save the stock price

companies that encounter delisting risk are trying every means to solve the stock price problem

previously, Suntech planned to push forward the reverse stock split, so it planned to raise the share price through "stock reduction". In addition, in order to boost the share price, some companies once chose to buy back

Daquan New Energy announced in July this year that it would repurchase ordinary shares with a total value of $5million in the open market. However, Daquan new energy sources previously told this newspaper that due to the weakness of the entire photovoltaic industry and the U.S. stock market, the repurchase has limited impact on the improvement of stock prices. In the past month, the share price of Daquan new energy has been hovering between us $0.74 and US $0.86

"we found that some companies have been below $1 for a long time, and the top management of the company bought some shares, and the share price basically remained above $1." Hanhua new energy insiders said that in addition to repurchase, as Hanhua new energy is a subsidiary of Hanhua group, it can get a lot of financial support, "Hanhua's subordinate insurance company, Korea life insurance, can provide greater credit support for it and provide capital transfusion through interest free loans." He said to

in addition, the above Han Hua personage also said that through the acquisition of German qcells, the company can complement each other in terms of layout and operation. Jjg1136 ⑵ 017 added an experimental machine with a relative error of both the range of cyclic torque and the peak value of cyclic torque better than 1% in the measurement characteristics table 2. "Our loss is gradually decreasing, which is a positive side. The cost in the second quarter was much lower than that in the leading quarter - although the operating expenses were increased, our non silicon cost was reduced, from $0.6 to $0.65/watt, and will be reduced to less than $0.6 this year."

in fact, Jingao solar also announced a stock repurchase plan of up to $100million in June this year, but the market did not respond warmly to this. The above-mentioned person from Jingao Solar said that some companies did use share repurchases, sending messages and other means to improve the share price. "Our executives also took share repurchases, but then we will still focus on business, and the overall expectation of the company is to maintain the situation of a correction throughout the year."

according to the financial report of Jingao solar, the company's net loss in the second quarter was $72.1 million, the shipment volume in the second quarter was 418 MW, and the gross profit margin increased from 2.1% in the leading quarter to 4.8% in the second quarter. The company said that it would adjust the battery module shipment in the third quarter to 350mw~370mw, and the annual production plan would be reduced from 1.8~2 GW to 1.5~1.8 GW

the above-mentioned person pointed out that the shipment volume of Jingao solar in the third quarter was about 380 MW, which was lower than 418 MW in the second quarter. "Although the market may not be satisfied with the current performance of photovoltaic enterprises, which may affect the decline of share prices, we cannot give untrue figures." Zhonghua glass () Department

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