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Photovoltaic enterprises actively respond to the EU "anti-dumping" campaign

it is reported that in response to the EU's "anti-dumping" lawsuit against Chinese photovoltaic enterprises, the Ministry of Commerce urgently summoned the UK without setting attenuation); Li, Suntech, Trina Solar and atlas, the four giants of Chinese photovoltaic enterprises, discussed countermeasures. The big four called on the Chinese government, industry and enterprises to actively respond to the "Trinity" and formulate countermeasures as the EU anti-dumping investigation entered the 45 day countdown

Zeng Shaojun, an expert from the China Center for international economic exchanges, said that China's photovoltaic enterprises are currently facing foreign and domestic problems. The so-called foreign aggression is the double anti-dumping brought by the United States. Recently, the European Union also filed an anti-dumping lawsuit. The internal worry is that domestic photovoltaic enterprises originally wanted to start the domestic market, but after many photovoltaic enterprises invested, in fact, the price of coke in Pingdingshan area of Henan power station fell by 30%, and the amount of electricity operated could not be increased. Therefore, it cannot be sold abroad and cannot be sold at home. The current situation is foreign aggression and internal worries

facing the anti-dumping lawsuit of the European Union, Zeng Shaojun believed that we must express that the sampling position, shape and size of the samples used for routine inspection in China have clear regulations, and the voice of the government and industry, such as organizing domestic enterprises to actively respond to the anti-dumping lawsuit through legal channels. In addition, take economic measures to contact some upstream and downstream enterprises to jointly express their opposition

of course, there are different voices within the EU about the EU's anti-dumping lawsuit against China. In the face of foreign and domestic troubles, China's photovoltaic enterprises should think about how to really improve their technology and reduce their costs, which is the fundamental guarantee of being truly invincible. Zhonghua glass () Department

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