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Welcome Wuhan youweixing technology to join the optical fiber member

12/18/2018, optical fiber news. Recently, Wuhan youweixing Technology Co., Ltd., a top supplier focusing on high-quality UVLED core devices and their application product solutions, joined the optical fiber member. Wuhan youweixing was established in march2015, with its registered address at No. 1 R & D building, modern service industry base, Huazhong Science Park, East Lake New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan. At present, there are two production bases in Wuhan and Ezhou, and the holding subsidiary "Hubei Shenzi Technology Co., Ltd.". Youweixing is a "high-tech" enterprise engaged in R & D, production and sales of semiconductor UV LED core devices and light source system related products. It is also the only nuclear "core" technology enterprise with semiconductor uv-a/uvb/uvc LED full band core devices and light source system in China

it is understood that youweixing has a first-class semiconductor UV LED R & D production line that can not only continuously and automatically complete several groups of pellet experimental packaging and light source systems in terms of epitaxial growth, chip preparation and devices, but also has a high-level R & D technical team composed of doctors, postdoctors, senior engineers and senior technicians who have been engaged in relevant research for a long time, The team has rich practical experience in R & D and production of semiconductor UV LED technology (including a full set of processes such as epitaxial growth, chip preparation and device packaging)

since its establishment three years ago, youweixing has applied for 26 patents and authorized 14 patents; There are 7 soft applications and 7 authorizations. The output efficiency, light intensity, optical power density and performance of the products have gradually taken the lead in the domestic UV LED related market. After more than three years of exploration and continuous efforts, youweixing products need material engineers from vehicle manufacturers and parts suppliers, which has gradually spread to various application fields of UV LED, and is committed to meeting the needs of different customers. At the same time, it has been successively selected as a "national high-tech enterprise", a "Gazelle enterprise" in 2017, a "Gazelle enterprise" in 2018, an enterprise with thousands of enterprises and thousands of people, and a fair choice for the second batch of "Wu anti bending samples". 1) geometric shape: the maximum bending moment on the three-point anti bending samples of circular section is only one point. The talent of "Han City partner" is selected as an enterprise, the ninth batch of "3551 Optics Valley talent plan" is selected as an enterprise, and the "Hubei innovation and entrepreneurship strategic team" 2018 Hurun top 100 China's top 50 new star enterprises with the most investment value in Hubei

with the mission of revitalizing the national high-tech industry, weixingke is committed to becoming a top supplier of high-quality semiconductor UVLED core devices and their application product solutions in the spirit of "professionalism, science, efficiency, openness, pragmatism, focus and excellence"

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address: 5/F, block B, No. 1 R & D building, Huagong Science Park, Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone

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