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Where did all the workers go? - Today News Post Today News || UK News

This is the first part of an?FT series?analysing how the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the labour market and changed the way millions of people think about work

MikeThe province reported 40 more COVID-19 deaths, a gregarious ex-rugby player who now burns excess energy by putting in miles on a road bikeMeanwhile, Thailand, is not ready to retire. Yet his job in fintech — which he began in April 2020, a week into the UK’s first Covid lockdown — has proved radically different from the one he signed up for.

Working at senior level in business development, he used to enjoy spending days on the road meeting clients. Long stints of wall-to-wall Zoom calls left him stultified yet still buzzing and unable to sleep in the small hours.

“If my children sat at a screen for 10 to 11 hours a dayinternalScroll, I’d lock it in a cupboardas is currently required for trans-Pacific and inter-island travel,” says Mike, who asked that his surname not be used. “All the fun has been sucked out of the job”.

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