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Media attention: shenbatiangong successfully docked space paint successfully developed

media attention: shenbatiangong successfully docked space paint successfully developed

November 4, 2011

[China paint information] according to the voice of China, at 5:58:07 on November 1, the manned space launch site of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center and China's "Long March 2F" remote 8 carrier rocket ignited and took off, The "Shenzhou VIII" spacecraft was launched into space. At 1:43 on the 3rd, in a near ground orbit 343 kilometers away from the earth, Shenzhou VIII successfully achieved automatic docking with the previously launched Tiangong-1 target spacecraft, and will form China's first space laboratory with the subsequent Shenzhou IX and Shenzhou x, which will effectively promote the progress of China's science and technology, and China's space technology will thus enter the world's first-class national level

previously, the space carrying test of Chinese civil paint, which is widely concerned by the Chinese people, once again attracted the attention of the media from all walks of life. It is understood that the research and development of space paint is continuously promoted by sankeshu paint, a leading brand of health paint, and has successfully carried out tests on Shenzhou VI, Shenzhou VII, Shijian VIII and other spacecraft. There is public opinion that the research on space paint will follow Shenzhou VIII and Shenjiu, Even the establishment of China's space laboratory has been able to ensure that the accuracy remains unchanged. Building materials space technology once again attracted public attention

according to sankeshu, the research and development unit of space paint, after many space carrying tests such as Shenzhou VI, Shenzhou VII and Shijian VIII, the research and development of "sankeshu space paint" has obtained a lot of valuable data, and has experienced the national highlights black effect, which refers to the six-year technical breakthrough of relevant experts in the dark and bright appearance of the post doctoral scientific research workstation and the academician expert workstation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as the United States, Germany, France With the support of high-quality raw materials from many countries with leading chemical technology, such as Britain, at present, the research and development of the first generation of space paint has been successful, such as Zytel pa612

it is also reported that the research on space paint may continue with the successful establishment of China's space laboratory. The second and third generation technologies of sankeshu space paint will continue to lead China's paint home decoration into the space technology era

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