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Media at all levels focused on the development of machinery industry in Longyan City

West Fujian news (liangxiben lianjiaosen in West Fujian) in order to fully display the development achievements of machinery industry in our city and further strengthen the publicity of the 9th cross strait Machinery Industry Expo, the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee organized a media interview group to Longyan economic and Technological Development Zone and Longzhou Industrial Park from October 29 to 30, Carry out the centralized interview activity of "the 9th cross strait Machinery Industry Expo and the 11th China Longyan investment project negotiation meeting"

the interview group is mainly composed of more than 10 Central and provincial media, including the people's government, China news service, Fujian, Fujian radio and television group, Strait Herald, Southeast, and since 2009, as well as mainstream media in the city, such as Western Fujian, Western Fujian, and Longyan television stations

during the event, a long-term (200H) lasting experiment with a constant load of less than 2000kN can be carried out on samples up to 6 and 14m, except for frequent lubrication. The interview team went deep into China Longgong Holdings Co., Ltd., Fujian Longma environmental sanitation equipment Co., Ltd., Longyan Changfeng Special Vehicle Co., Ltd., Longhe Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Fujian Longjing environmental protection Co., Ltd Representatives of Longyan machinery enterprises such as Fujian Longyan haidexin Automobile Co., Ltd. and Fujian Qiaolong Special Automobile Co., Ltd. learned about their production and operation, development goals and ideas, and focused on the highlights of their innovation and development, as well as the highlights of the "11.8" exhibition

it is reported that this "CIFIT" will be held in the newly opened Longyan Convention and Exhibition Center, with an exhibition area of 25000 square meters, including 13000 square meters indoors and 12000 square meters outdoors, with a total of about 1200 booths, and seven exhibition areas including "industrial development", "engineering and sanitation machinery", "military and civil integration and emergency equipment", "special vehicles", "Taiwan and overseas machinery", "intelligent manufacturing" and "accessories", More than 500 construction machinery, sanitation machinery, special vehicles, military civilian integration, emergency equipment, intelligent manufacturing and other mechanical equipment, as well as more than 5000 instruments, tools, functional components and accessories will be displayed on site

the current "CIFIT" extended the previous regular activities due to more than 90 general categories of plastics, including the centralized opening and completion ceremony of Longyan project, the opening ceremony, the project signing ceremony, investment investigation and economic and trade negotiation. In addition, the Industrial Development Summit Forum, 2018 investment Longyan project promotion and negotiation meeting, "Internet +" project docking negotiation meeting, the national emergency industry development seminar and the Third Council of the national emergency industry alliance, the 2018 China (Longyan) professional automobile industry development summit forum, the ecological and environmental protection industry forum and the signing ceremony of key environmental protection projects were also arranged Cross Strait (Longyan) machinery industry talent exchange and cooperation conference and other supporting activities

source: West Fujian

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