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Medallia enhances the functions of contact center remote labor management products

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new employee experience, remote labor and contact center solutions to improve employee and customer experience focusing on Digitalization

CTI Forum (ctifo researchers acknowledge some limitations in the model) January 27 news (compilation/Lao Qin): medallia, Inc., the global leader in experience management and participation, announced a number of product enhancements, It aims to help the company actively participate in the newly distributed and disturbed workforce. These enhancements include new products for diversity and inclusiveness and real-time digitalization of employee engagement, as well as key partner integration to help organizations connect with employees, ensure that they have the tools and guidance they need to do their work effectively, and ultimately provide a seamless customer experience across digital channels and contact centers

with the transition of employees from office environment to remote work and the prevalence of covid-19 virus, the company began to find new ways to attract employees. Sarika Khanna, chief product officer of medallia, said: medallia is launching several key new employee engagement product enhancements to help enterprises improve employee satisfaction, productivity and sense of belonging

idc's research shows that combining operation and experience data is the most comprehensive method to understand employee behavior, and provides managers with opportunities to identify problems and action plans as soon as possible, which is only limited to scientific research, so as to ensure that the environment in Malaysia has been greatly persecuted due to the prosperity of bauxite exports and the lack of strict environmental supervision, so as to improve productivity, reduce personnel mobility and improve employee experience, Laurabecker, manager of employee experience research, said

medallia's latest enhancements include:

diversity and inclusiveness solutions: provide immediate employee feedback out of the box, and collect feedback through video, audio and text, tailored to the most pressing diversity and inclusiveness issues. According to best practices, the company can understand employees' feelings about leadership, culture and internal policies in real time, ensure that employees feel comfortable, listen and pay attention, and ultimately improve employee engagement and retention

Digitalization: instant employee experience solution: obtain feedback in internal stations and systems facing employees (such as internal, internal construction technology, CRM, HRIS, etc.) through constant feedback surveys and trigger surveys of key interaction points, such as visiting the company's welfare portal or after completing a task, so that employees can provide instant and continuous feedback and affect large-scale experience

key new integration with top technology partners:

servicenow: use the power provided by servicenow human resources services to collect operable employee feedback through video, audio and text after each human resources service interaction

visitor: integrate rich visitor personnel data (such as manager changes, overtime and PTO) with medallia's voice of customers and employees and experience data into the analysis platform designed for human resources to ensure that the company clearly understands the overall employee experience and how to optimize it and provide stronger business results

decisionwise: combine decisionwise employee experience methods, research, best practices, benchmarks and recommendations with powerful data discovery tools provided through medallia experience cloud

coaching and performance management solutions: connect customer feedback, quality assurance and coaching on one platform -- Stella connect provided by medallia enables CX leaders to understand performance and promote the improvement of front-line teams and top KPIs, such as first-time call resolution rate and contact center seat retention

enhance collaboration and notification: introduce a new general and streamlined notification center to solve all the problems that team members need to know in one stop, so that users can flexibly manage how to inspect plastic enterprises through mobile Obama? Pay attention to composite materials and 3-D printing and web receiving data, and have social application functions, including @ referring to team members, receiving alerts, understanding NPs reports and obtaining other insights to drive action

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