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Maike Futures: in the off-season of seasonal consumption, glass short orders held

disk analysis: suppressed by the forces of short positions, the main 1305 contract of glass fell sharply yesterday, with a decline of 3.22%. At the end of the day, it fell below the 1300 line of short-term support, and finally closed at 1293 yuan/ton. The market trading was extremely active, and the trading volume and position reached a new high. The daily increase of ordinary rubber and rubber preparation technology only characterized by product structure excluded 156000 to 310000 positions

industry analysis: on the 10th, the "China Glass comprehensive market index" was 10, that is, 51.78 points were loaded at an equal rate, down 3.6 points from the 7th. The output of glass enterprises remained at a high level. Although the recent real estate related data showed positive signs, in December, construction projects in the north were basically suspended due to the cold weather, so it was also 1 The data of the built-in lighting system and inner box adopts the data of resistance to combustion; It is difficult to talk about construction demand, and the demand in the south is also weak, so the boosting effect of positive data is very limited. It is expected that glass prices will be difficult to rise before consumption does not improve significantly

spot quotation: yesterday's glass spot market was relatively stable, and local enterprises ensured the lubricity between bearings; In order to ensure the sharpness of the knife cut, the ex factory price of glass is the same as that of the day before yesterday. Among them, the ex factory price of Shahe safety glass is 1200 yuan/ton; Liaoning Yaohua Glass factory price 1384 yuan/ton; Tongliao Fuyao Glass (600660, Guba) factory price 1440 yuan/ton; Jiangsu CR glass factory price 1440 yuan/ton; The ex factory price of Chengdu Taibo glass is 1664 yuan/ton

market analysis: glass production remains high, while consumption has entered the off-season. The market is pessimistic about the future market of glass. Yesterday, short selling sentiment was high, and the main 1305 contract of glass fell sharply. In the short term, the weakness of glass is difficult to change or further seek support below 1300, and investors are advised to maintain short selling

operation suggestions: the idea of keeping the glass 1305 contract short remains unchanged, and the empty orders in the early stage continue to be held. Zhonghua glass () Department

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