Breakthrough in Ramie biological degumming process

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The ramie biological degumming process has made a breakthrough

recently, the "ramie biological degumming water physical continuous and stretch cutting production process" jointly studied by Hanshou Xinyuan textile printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. and Wuhan tongzhixin science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. passed the scientific and technological achievement appraisal organized by Changde science and Technology Bureau of Hunan Province

the research and development technology of ramie degumming water physics continuous production process and equipment has always been a major scientific and technological research project in the ramie textile industry. Through the research on ramie degumming water physics continuous production process and equipment, this project focuses on solving the technical problems of ramie fiber roller, fine and dry ramie hard strip, and more silk, The refined ramie produced by ramie degumming water treatment machine can meet the quality and technical requirements of pure ramie spinning

in order to improve the automation of ramie degumming water treatment production and lay a good foundation for the production of belt shaped dry ramie, the project enables ramie fiber to form automatic continuous production through the production processes of positive and negative twice roller beating, bleaching, acidification, washing, oil feeding, drafting and pressing drying. The produced dry ramie is parallel and straight into strips, which is a major breakthrough in ramie degumming technology and equipment. At present, Hanshou Xinyuan textile printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. produces fine and dry ramie with high output and quality, which meets the requirements of ramie pure ramie spinning. The fine and dry ramie has a high production rate, and is water-saving, energy-saving and labor-saving in China's plastic machinery market

the experts agreed that this technology and product, starting from saving resources and energy, has achieved the purposes of water saving, energy saving, labor saving and emission reduction. It is an energy-saving and environment-friendly production technology development project, which is in line with the national industrial policy; Through ramie biological degumming, the project studied the production process and equipment of water physical continuous production and stretch cutting, realized the continuous production of strip fine ramie, and successfully solved the problem of filament winding; The project has the characteristics of high output, good quality and high production rate, which greatly saves the production cost and has obvious social and economic benefits. The overall technical level of the project is leading in China

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