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The media said that there was no hope of compensation for the promotion of senior executives of central enterprises. If they could not become governors, they would become chairmen.

over the past decade, the personnel reform of central enterprises has been the difficulty and focus of deepening the reform of the economic system. At present, the reform of the executive appointment system of central enterprises has once again highlighted the urgency and necessity. Experts said that due to the obstruction of the inherent interest pattern, the personnel management of central enterprises still has the problem of insufficient restraint mechanism and incentive mechanism. The executives of central enterprises are alienated into privileged classes, which has a great negative impact on the national economy. It is imperative to reform the administrative personnel appointment and removal system

alienation into hopeless compensation for promotion

central enterprises are related to national security and the lifeblood of the national economy, and occupy a dominant position in important industries and key fields. As managers of central enterprises, senior executives of central enterprises shoulder important obligations and responsibilities. In 2003, the SASAC and the central organization department first recruited 7 senior executives from central enterprises at home and abroad. Since then, the global recruitment of central enterprises has gradually become a trend. In 2010, 31 people were recruited from 1410 applicants for the global recruitment of central enterprises

however, Zhu Boshan, an expert on the restructuring and reorganization of state-owned enterprises, believes that due to the imperfect corporate governance system of central enterprises, the global recruitment has evolved into the open selection of cadres. Public recruitment is recommended to pay attention to the thematic investment opportunities brought about by the gradual promotion of relevant listed companies with new material technology reserves and the industrialization of new materials. The retention rate of employed professional managers is not high, which indicates that the great transformation and upgrading of AVIC industry has entered a new stage, The recruitment effect is not ideal

in fact, there is still an obvious administrative tendency in the appointment of senior executives in central enterprises, and personnel management is far from marketization. Many times, the high salary "golden rice bowl" of central enterprise executives is regarded as a fat vacancy to arrange the central and provincial governments to be older and promote hopeless officials, which has become the treatment of saving pension money and enjoying happiness. You joked that "if you can't be a governor, you'll get a president; if you can't be a minister, you'll get a chairman. Your annual salary is often millions. Whoever wants to make money wants to do it"

xuhongcai, deputy director of the Information Department of the China Center for international economic exchanges, said in an interview with this newspaper that some senior executives of central enterprises enjoy administrative level recognition, and positions are alienated into "honor", "welfare" or "compensation". The lack of competition in senior management appointment, according to foreign media reports, and the lack of a perfect professional manager market, has brought many economic and social problems

the relevant person in charge of SASAC revealed that since the market pricing mechanism of managers has not yet been formed, there is a great contradiction between the administrative appointment system and salary incentive, the salary structure is not reasonable, and the restraint mechanism is not perfect

selection and appointment transplanted the bureaucratic system

Wang Jinzhu, an associate professor of the Central Party school, said that although state-owned enterprises are legal entities and market subjects based on the modern property rights system, there are some common drawbacks in the cadre system because the selection, appointment and management of employees "transplanted" the system of Party and government organs

Xu Hongcai pointed out that the administrative appointment of senior executives in central enterprises is weak in both incentive and restraint mechanisms, which has a negative impact on enterprise management, the healthy development of the national economy and social equity. In terms of economy, the identity of central enterprise executives is separated between officials and enterprise managers. The alienated incentive mechanism is easier to guide them to pursue political goals rather than economic goals, breed short-term economic behavior, which is not conducive to enterprise management, thus reducing the efficiency of state-owned asset management and resource allocation, and inhibiting the normal role of market mechanism. In terms of society, the existing employment and assessment mechanism has insufficient restraint effect, which leads to the alienation of central enterprise executives into privileged classes, breeding corruption and rent-seeking, and causing damage to social equity

He stressed that state-owned enterprises should be truly market-oriented and responsible to all citizens as investors of state-owned assets. The reform of the employment system of central enterprises is facing the obstacles of the solidified interest structure, which is by no means achieved overnight. Chongqing deep hole drilling processing

should turn to "being responsible to investors"

"people are always the most active factor in the economy. It is impossible to talk about without activating a scientific and reasonable employment mechanism, reasonably allocating and giving full play to the role of other factors." Xu Hongcai concluded that the reform of the employment system of central enterprises is one of the important contents of the reform of state-owned enterprises and the management of state-owned assets. To transform the operating mechanism, optimize the corporate governance structure, and deepen market-oriented reform, there is a long way to go for central enterprises at present

he believes that on the one hand, it is necessary to establish a set of open selection system and give play to the role of incentive mechanism and restraint mechanism at the same time. On the other hand, we should improve transparency, strengthen supervision and prevent internal operations

Zhu Boshan said that central enterprises need to really build the board system, and a perfect board structure is a necessary component of a good corporate governance structure. On the basis of establishing the professional manager market, we should further expand the scope and scale of open recruitment, and establish an internal evaluation mechanism for managers. Zeng Xiangquan, Dean of the school of labor and personnel of Renmin University of China, suggested that a systematic summary and evaluation should be made of the effect of previous open recruitment, promote successful practices and experiences, and improve deficiencies as a basis for decision-making

some experts suggested that we should deepen the reform of "central enterprises". Wang Lushan, a professor of the State Key Laboratory of Microbiology at South Shandong University, introduced that through effective system design, we should change the situation of "being responsible for the top" in central enterprises and form a situation of "being responsible for investors", that is, being responsible for property owners or shareholders

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