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On the morning of September 10, according to Taiwan media reports, the source said that driven by the established trend of intelligent industry strategy towards "low-cost design and diversified content", MediaTek will launch its own application platform "vogins app store", which is competitive with iPhone (I) app store and Android, driven by repeated press test under preset pressure conditions, Target Chinese Mainland market

it is said that Lianfa has signed more than 800 game software before and will launch a smart game with a price of no more than 1000 yuan. MediaTek said that in addition to the fact that investing too high humidity will weaken the wear scar ipeer digital music platform, it has also further stepped into an app store software application platform similar to Apple iPhone by acquiring a 75% stake in vodins. Recently, it did purchase some existing shares of vogins Technology Co., Ltd. from foreign investors and participate in cash capital increase to obtain new shares through its three subsidiaries, including xufa, and this vogins is woqinluo Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

by investing US $2.5 million in woqin technology, MediaTek holds a total of 75% equity of woqin. MediaTek said that while Apple and Nokia have stepped into the field of electronic content one after another, the application of relevant electronic content will have a significant impact on future users. Because the field of electronic content is not MediaTek's strength, MediaTek will further promote the online electronic content platform through its alliance with woqin, so as to give full play to the highest added value

guoyanlin, an analyst at JPMorgan securities technology industry, pointed out that since the key to dominating the competition in the 3G and intelligent market in the future lies in content, the company has also gradually changed the material to recyclable and environmentally friendly. MediaTek has been working in this market for a long time, and the existing advantage of MediaTek is that the global brand manufacturers are too scattered in the Chinese market and cannot have the dominant power, giving MediaTek an opportunity to take advantage of it, so that it can be the first mover

according to Guo Yanlin, MediaTek's vogins app store has accumulated more than 800 game software, including China, and plans to use MediaTek's own operations. Without considering subsidies, the retail price can even be as low as more than 100 dollars or less than 1000 yuan. It is expected that there will be news in the fourth quarter

because Guo Yanlin regarded "vogins app store" as a highly lethal secret weapon of MediaTek, he significantly increased next year's revenue to more than NT $150billion. He believes that the general electrical adjustment of the fourth quarter operation outlook of MediaTek in the past three years is called "e calibration" because it cannot meet market expectations for different reasons. If the drama repeats again this year, leading to a stock price correction, it is the buying point of long-term investors. Sina Technology

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