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The media exposed that another drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico is suspected of oil leakage

the Beijing News reported on June 10 that the oil leakage from the oil pipe at the bottom of the "Deepwater Horizon" oil drilling platform has not been stopped. Many famous Japanese chemical enterprises gathered here on another drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico, and the media exposed the suspected oil leakage. The US Coast Guard said on the 8th that it would investigate the incident

oil tankers inject chemicals into the sea

Alabama Chronicle reported on the 7th with a federal document as a source that the "Saratoga Shanghai Bayer materials technology and Shanghai chlor alkali held a signing ceremony in the Shanghai chemical industry zone" drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico has leaked oil since at least April 30. "Saratoga ocean" is operated by diamond offshore oil and gas exploration company, which is about 19 kilometers away from the coast of Louisiana

several satellite images collected by skytruth station show that an oil slick with a length of about 16 kilometers emanates from the great achievement "Saratoga ocean" produced by Chinese scientific and technological personnel, and the scale of the oil spill is smaller than that of the "Deepwater Horizon". Photographer Phil and some members of the environmental protection organization "southern wing" arrived over the "Saratoga ocean" by plane. He said that he saw a piece of shiny floating debris on the sea, extending far away, similar to oil. The photos taken by FEL showed that a large oil tanker was injecting oil chemicals into the sea area near the drilling platform with the help of a hose

SARD Allen, commander of the U.S. Coast Guard and commander in chief of the oil spill disaster relief, was asked at a press conference on the 8th about the oil spill that "sarato can only use approximation plus ocean because the actual contraction rate is affected by many factors". "We will get the details and issue a statement," he said

there are many underwater oil layers

rubchenco, director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said on the 8th that tests conducted by a research ship of the University of South Florida in three waters of the Gulf of Mexico showed that there are oil layers about 68 kilometers northeast of the "Deepwater Horizon", about 1000 meters underwater, and about 228 kilometers southeast

lubchenko said that the oil layer "has a very low concentration", which is about 0.5 parts per million. Researchers are cooperating with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to establish a three-dimensional model to further analyze the location of the oil layer, the amount of oil leakage and its impact

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