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Medical artificial intelligence + industrial interconnection

the country will raise the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) as a national development strategy, positioning AI as an important strategic starting point to win the initiative of global science and technology competition. It is a strategic resource to promote the leapfrog development of science and technology, industrial optimization and upgrading, and the overall leap of productivity in China

in the field of medical AI in China, many enterprise giants are active, such as Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu. With a unique playing method and a combination of medicine, the medical library has launched innovative, practical and inclusive medical projects one after another, opening the way to commercial application value

Zhang Qunhua, CEO of yikuyun, grandly launched the medical AI + industrial Internet platform at the 2018 national medical AI Innovation Summit Forum, focusing on the research and innovation of difficult disease AI and the refined manufacturing of drug AI. He stressed that the development direction of medical AI in China in the future is to take cross-border doctors as the leading role, AI engineers as the main body, and public participation

focus on AI innovative research and development of difficult diseases

in China, tumors, brain diseases and cardiovascular diseases are very important for national health. Yi kuyun preferred liver cancer in medical AI research and development of tumor diseases. For brain diseases, the loading handle should be placed at the unloading position at the end of PA loading. Kinson's disease is the focus, exploring the AI early warning system of cardiovascular diseases, and taking AI assistants as the starting point in doctors' rational drug use

liver cancer AI aided decision-making system

liver cancer is commonly known as the king of cancer. The incidence of liver cancer in China accounts for 50% of the total number of liver cancer in the world. However, the prognosis is poor, and the five-year survival rate is only about 30%. China has a large amount of data in the field of liver cancer diagnosis and treatment. Once effectively combined with artificial intelligence deep learning, new treatment strategies and methods may be found for this major disease. The Department of liver surgery of West China Hospital has complete data on 40000 patients with liver cancer, and has accumulated nearly 100000 data on patients with liver disease. Yikuyun cooperates with West China hospital to control and apply the product design in clinical practice. We began to develop an AI aided decision-making system for liver cancer and an AI aided diagnosis system for liver transplantation donors. Doctor kuyun engineer learned clinical knowledge from doctors in West China Hospital and proposed to take clinicians as the leading role. As academician Zhang cymbal of the Chinese Academy of Sciences pointed out: Medical AI should learn knowledge from doctors and explain the condition with doctors' knowledge, otherwise AI cannot explain or communicate with doctors, because in fact, the most important ability for AI is knowledge, not data. This research will make the diagnosis and treatment level of liver cancer in China reach the international leading level, and make some achievements in the field of liver cancer pathogenesis and drug research and development. After the grass-roots hospitals access the system in the future, it is equivalent to introducing a domestic leading technical expert, medical insurance and commercial insurance to participate in cost control and quality monitoring, and produce significant commercial value

Zhang Qunhua said that the AI aided decision-making system for liver cancer will provide evidence-based treatment measures to patients with digital therapy. These interventions are driven by high-quality software programs for the prevention, management and treatment of liver cancer. They can be used alone or in conjunction with drug devices or other therapies to optimize treatment results and improve patients' health

early recognition of Parkinson's disease by AI voice detection in a paragraph

Parkinson's disease is a common neurological disorder. Although it cannot be cured, early diagnosis is very important for patients. Speech disorder is one of the early symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Take a paragraph, collect different speech samples, and analyze the speech characteristics from the stable change characteristics of periodic performance, peak change characteristics, harmonic signal-to-noise ratio, nonlinear dynamics and other aspects. The parts manufactured by gradient boo traditional incremental technology are made of titanium and nickel based superalloys. The algorithm of Ting decision tree (gbdt) is used as the learning and differential diagnosis result. Gbdt sets decision tree, Gradient boosting and shrinkage are three ideas in one, which have relatively better generalization ability and robustness. They are currently used in ensemble learning. After joint research with Professor Wang Jian of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, the accuracy of speech features in the early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease reached 85%. At the same time, it was also found that the class separation of different speech under different features provided an objective index and helped to evaluate the treatment effect in the follow-up, laying the foundation for the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease based on speech disorders

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