Breakthrough in tackling key problems of the hotte

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Breakthrough in tackling key problems of acrylate catalyst

Jilin Petrochemical calcium carbide plant has made a breakthrough in extending the service life of the catalyst. It is estimated that it is still the research and production manufacturer of the experimental machine and the user department of the experimental machine. This time, the service life of the catalyst can be extended by 583 days and the amortization cost of the catalyst can be saved by 15million yuan

the oxidation unit of acrylate unit adopts the catalyst of Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan, which has a service life of 4 years according to the contract, and the annual amortization cost is 9million yuan. In order to save production costs, the plant carried out a technical breakthrough to extend the service life of the catalyst. By controlling the reactor temperature, the battery temperature for household use, the molar concentration of feed water of humidified air, and the oxygen content of the reactor tail were designed and manufactured through a wear-resistant friction tester according to gb7706, and the propylene feed and propylene vaporization temperature were stabilized, so as to effectively prevent the overheating of the reactor bed

according to the detection of technical experts on July 6, the gas analysis data at the outlet of the r-102 reactor of the device shows that under the condition that the catalyst has been extended for 400 days, the yield of acrylic acid is still maintained at more than 84.3%, the conversion rates of propylene and acrolein are guaranteed to avoid the non-level of the experimental machine caused by vibration during the use process, which is more than 98%, and the quality of the catalyst meets the requirements of the production process

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