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Interim Provisions on safety supervision and management of oil and gas pipelines

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 in order to further strengthen the safety supervision and management of oil and gas pipelines and protect people's lives and state property from losses, these Provisions are formulated in accordance with the regulations on the protection of oil and gas pipelines

Article 2 this regulation applies to the onshore oil and natural gas pipelines (hereinafter referred to as oil pipelines) and their ancillary facilities of the people's Republic of China

Article 3 the term "safety supervision and management of oil pipelines" as mentioned in these Provisions refers to the implementation of safety supervision and management over the whole process of oil pipeline survey, design, manufacturing, construction, operation, detection and scrapping

Article 4 the administrative department of petroleum industry under the State Council is responsible for the safety supervision and management of petroleum pipelines, formulating relevant regulations and industry standards, and supervising the implementation of petroleum enterprises

Article 5 oil enterprises are responsible for the safe operation of the oil pipelines under their jurisdiction, implement safety responsibilities, and timely report the external damage to the pipelines to the government and relevant departments

Chapter II pipeline survey and design

Article 6 survey and design units must obtain the corresponding qualification level recognized by the construction administrative department of the State Council, engage in the survey and design of oil pipelines within the scope of the qualification certificate issued by the construction administrative department of the state Council, and undertake the survey and design of oil pipeline safety at the same time. It is strictly forbidden to survey and design without certificate or beyond the level

Article 7 the survey and design units shall strictly implement the relevant national laws, regulations and technical specifications in the design process of oil pipeline projects

Article 8 the survey and design unit shall strictly implement the design system, be responsible for the data and design documents provided, and have a perfect quality assurance system to implement the quality

Article 9 the preliminary design of the project shall not be carried out until it has passed the safety and health pre evaluation and review in accordance with relevant regulations

Article 10 the newly-built stone includes colored lime sand bricks and the corresponding performance and color difference test methods in the standard oil pipeline. In the process of survey and route selection, full consideration should be given to the impact of the geological and social environment along the line on the safety and reliability of the pipeline, as well as the impact of the oil pipeline on the safety and reliability of relevant facilities when it crosses highways, railways and waterways

Article 11 the preliminary design review of engineering projects should review the special articles on occupational safety and health, fire protection and environmental protection at the same time. Safety facilities should be designed, constructed and put into use at the same time as the main project

Chapter III steel pipe manufacturing

Article 12 steel pipe manufacturers shall pass the qualification certification prescribed by the state and obtain the corresponding steel pipe production license for oil pipelines. It is strictly prohibited to produce steel pipes for oil pipelines without certificates

Article 13 steel pipe production enterprises shall strictly implement the national technical standards for steel pipe production in the process of producing steel pipes for oil pipelines

Article 14 steel pipe manufacturing enterprises shall have perfect conditions for steel pipe production, testing and testing. The accuracy of production, testing and testing equipment must comply with national regulations

Article 15 raw materials used in the production of steel pipes must be inspected in accordance with regulations. Raw materials that have not been inspected or fail to pass the inspection shall not be used

Article 16 steel pipe manufacturing enterprises must have a sound quality assurance system and carry out quality control in accordance with the technical requirements and quality standards for steel pipe manufacturing

Article 17 steel pipe production enterprises shall produce steel pipes in strict accordance with the steel pipe inspection standards. The main tax objects are: (1) paper tests and inspections, and can be delivered for use only after passing the acceptance; At the same time, quality inspection report and product certificate must be issued

Article 18 steel pipe manufacturing shall be supervised by units with corresponding qualifications. Steel pipes not manufactured under the supervision of the supervision unit shall not be used for transporting oil and gas

Chapter IV pipeline construction

Article 19 a construction enterprise undertaking the construction of oil pipeline projects must obtain the qualification certification issued by the construction administrative department of the State Council or its entrusted institution, and engage in construction within the scope of its qualification level, and shall not undertake projects beyond the level or scope

Article 20 the construction of oil pipeline projects shall be subject to bidding in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state. Bidding activities should adhere to the principles of openness, fairness, impartiality and good faith. Relevant departments shall not approve the commencement of construction projects that fail to carry out bidding as required

Article 21 the construction quality of oil pipelines should implement the responsibility system of leading the construction unit to improve instruments, fixtures and software. The construction unit shall establish a quality system to clarify the quality undertaken by the project manager, technical director and construction management director

Article 22 the construction of oil pipelines shall be subject to the project supervision system in accordance with the regulations, and the project supervision shall be undertaken by a third party with corresponding qualifications

Article 23 oil pipeline projects must be pressure tested in accordance with the design requirements, and can be put into trial operation only after passing the pressure test

Article 24 the oil pipeline project of the rotating speed of the altered electromechanical must be completed and accepted in accordance with the relevant regulations

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