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Internal control of enterprise groups

in recent years, the scale of some enterprise groups has expanded rapidly and achieved unconventional development. However, due to the lack of innovation in the management system of transportation machinery and the lack of timely management measures, it can not meet the needs of the further development of enterprise groups; At the same time, under the condition of market economy, the fierce and complex market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. What we are facing is how to effectively control and prevent business risks, prevent the loss of state-owned assets, and ensure and promote the sustainable and healthy economic development of enterprise groups. Taking the practice of Shanghai Shenglong (Group) Co., Ltd. as an example, this paper attempts to explore some specific ways for enterprise groups to strengthen internal control

first, establish and improve the internal control system and form a good control environment

enterprise groups in order to maintain the integrity and safety of assets, ensure the authenticity and reliability of economic information, and improve work efficiency and quality; At the same time, under the premise of complying with national policies and regulations, it is necessary to establish a perfect internal control system to implement the group's business decisions, achieve the group's business objectives, and form a benign development momentum of self-development, self-regulation, self-regulation and self-control. It includes the internal control system, regulations and related operating procedures; And pay attention to the construction of the internal control environment of the enterprise, form an atmosphere, enhance the control awareness of the employees of the enterprise, and improve the consciousness of each member of the enterprise to implement control

Shenglong group revised its internal control system to adapt to the new situation. The system focuses on accounting control, which involves the control of key control points in the five major cycles of enterprise production and business activities, such as procurement cycle, sales cycle, payment cycle, collection cycle and financial management cycle. These controls mainly include incompatible job separation system, authorization and approval system, physical control system of property, etc

the internal control system of Shenglong group has made detailed provisions on the incompatible separation of duties in all links. For example, financial links: the separation of approval positions, cashier positions, bookkeeping positions, and audit positions; Material management: the separation of approval positions, procurement positions, custody positions and bookkeeping positions; Sales phase: job separation of sales business position, approval position, statistics position and bookkeeping position, etc. At the same time, there are also corresponding provisions on the coordination and containment between departments and the control of physical objects with account control

the internal control system also makes specific provisions on some matters that need authorization and the authority of approval. For example, the review and approval of the purchase plan, the review of suppliers, the approval of the purchase of a small amount of temporary goods, the "one pen" approval of costs and expenses, the authorization authority of sales personnel in foreign business negotiations, the review of the legal identity and credit status of customers, and the approval of breaking away from the normal sales plan are clearly stipulated

however, we should not blindly seek the internal control system of famous brands when making specific choices. The physical control of property refers to the contact and use of cash or materials and their records, which should be protected. For this reason, specific provisions have been made on the access restriction measures and regular inventory system of raw materials, products in process, finished products, fixed assets and other physical objects as well as cash

in order to cooperate with the implementation of the "internal control system", Shenglong group has also formulated some supporting regulations, such as the newly revised "Interim Provisions on preventing business risks", which further defines the scope of each subject and the relevant liabilities for violations of the regulations. It also makes specific and clear provisions on the prevention of a series of business risks, such as inventory risk, settlement risk, Bill risk, guarantee risk, investment risk, marketing risk, contract risk and so on. In the process of revising the regulations, the group company organized several bottom-up discussions, which not only made the regulations more perfect and operational, but also made the regulations more popular and enhanced the risk prevention awareness of relevant personnel. At the same time, establish a corresponding early warning mechanism to prevent business risks, conduct regular analysis, timely put forward rectification measures for outstanding contradictions and tendentious problems, identify personnel, and link it with the assessment of relevant personnel and departments

in order to ensure that the matters involved in the internal control system are implemented in accordance with the system and produce due results, Shenglong group has also improved its internal related operating procedures. For example, the "operation procedures for negotiating sales business" has formulated clear internal control procedures in all links from customer negotiation to verification, signing of purchase and sales contracts, invoicing, picking up goods, etc., and established customer credit files to understand customer information in many ways, which not only better avoided marketing risks, but also laid a foundation for the timely return of loans and reduced the risk of bad debts to a minimum

second, carry out the review of internal control system and promote the continuous improvement of internal control system

any enterprise that has a sound internal control system and is strictly implemented will have a high credibility of its economic activities and related information processing, and less fraud. The internal audit of the group company is not only a part of the internal control of the enterprise, but also an important force to supervise whether the internal control of the enterprise is strictly implemented and promote the continuous improvement of the internal control system. Carry out the review of internal control system, scientifically and reasonably organize internal audit, and improve audit efficiency, aiming to judge and identify potential and hidden business risks and financial risks, remind and urge operators to correctly perform their duties, enhance risk prevention awareness, and promote the further improvement of enterprise internal control system

in order to achieve this goal, Shenglong group will give full play to the role of existing internal audit force. With reference to the bank loan credit rating management office, you must be able to significantly reduce the cost method. In the integrated electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine, the servo valve or proportional valve is used as the control element to implement the internal audit credit rating system within the control group, The measures for the implementation of the internal audit credit rating system and the detailed rules for the evaluation of internal audit credit rating have been formulated. According to the soundness and implementation of the internal control system of the enterprise, and with reference to the main economic benefit evaluation indicators, the quality and management level of operation and management personnel, the development trend of the enterprise and the market prospect, the Group determines the internal audit credit rating of the enterprises within the group as grade a, grade B, grade C and grade D in accordance with the detailed rules for the evaluation of internal audit credit rating. Among the first thirty-one units, there are two units with internal audit credit rating of a, nineteen units with internal audit credit rating of B and ten units with internal audit credit rating of C. Determine several key points every year, such as the unreality of inventory, the possible bad debt of accounts receivable, etc., according to level B

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