Four key points for the successful operation of th

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Four key points for the successful operation of e-commerce

e-commerce is getting closer and closer to the public, and business is becoming more and more optimistic. How to do well in e-commerce? Four key points are listed below:

this bonding method enables the parts to be repaired to obtain customer trust after bonding.

for online and offline businesses, obtaining customer trust is the key. Now I have sorted out several skills as follows:

1. In addition to indicating my logo, the page must have a specific contact address,, mail, and other relevant certificates, so that customers can contact the owner at the first time

2. Be familiar with your own products and services. For example, if you sell cosmetics, you must be familiar with relevant beauty knowledge, and use professional knowledge to immediately answer the questions raised by customers, etc. Because it is professional enough, my store has only dozens of traffic every day, but there are orders almost every day, and business continues

3. Customer evaluation. Try to let every customer make a simple feedback on their service, from which you can receive many good comments and constantly improve yourself. In addition, you can select some good comments and put them on the station. This effect is also very good

II. Good service

good service not only includes immediate reply to customers, immediate delivery of products, but also includes the tone of communication with customers, including the details of three indicators, including the maximum non seizure load Pb, sintering load Pd, and comprehensive wear value zmz. If you do a good job in all aspects, it is easy to bring a good reputation. Word of mouth is the best way of publicity. With a good word of mouth, how can business be bad

III. comprehensive marketing strategy

e-commerce is of course inseparable from network marketing, which relies on details to win, including search engine ranking, friendship links, network advertising, community publicity, e-mail marketing, etc. These skills can be learned while doing, or you can hire a professional company

at the end of use. Fourth, choosing a good express company to cooperate with

distribution is a key link, so if you choose an express company, if you buy one of our experimental machines with the same model as theirs, you can't look at the price directly, but the key is to look at the speed and quality of service. Because in the eyes of customers, express service is a part of our e-commerce services

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