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Editor's note: 20 years is enough for many enterprises to rise and fall. The low-voltage electrical appliance industry in Liushi is a miniature sample of China's market economy for 30 years. Here, new life and death are staged every day. Great Wall Electric has grown rapidly from an unknown small role, and it takes 20 years to reinstall the software to achieve "four leaps"

20 years is enough for many enterprises to rise and fall. Thirty years ago, the gate of China's reform and opening up was opened, and the strong demand generated by the poor market made the entrepreneurial passion of Chinese people like a flood discharge. Looking back at today's time, some of the first generation of entrepreneurial enterprises are brilliant, some are making a comeback, and some are disappearing. The low-voltage electrical appliance industry in Liushi is a miniature sample of China's market economy for 30 years. Here, new life and death are staged every day. However, Great Wall Electrical Appliance has grown rapidly from a little-known role of LED display, and has achieved "four leaps" in 20 years. The failures of Chinese enterprises are basically similar, but the paths to success are different

● large scale leap: it's hard to imagine that great wall appliance, with a total assets of 3.3 billion yuan, more than 8000 employees, and an annual output value of more than 9 billion yuan, ranks 346 among the top 500 private enterprises in China, 184 among the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China, and 45 among the top 500 private enterprises in China. In 1974, it was only the workshop of its chairman Ye Xiangyao. With a passion, ye Xiangyao struggled for 14 years, and finally established the predecessor of Great Wall Electrical appliances, Yueqing County Great Wall Electrical components factory, in 1988. When family workshops embark on enterprise management, the momentum of large-scale development is out of control. In 1995, Zhejiang Great Wall Electrical Appliance Group was announced to be established and promoted to a national non regional enterprise group in 1997. Since then, Great Wall Electric has taken advantage of the trend and extended its tentacles to mining, real estate and many other fields. Ye Xiangyao's strategic vision was realized in 2005. Great Wall Electric has become a leading enterprise with 10 holding companies, more than 1000 cooperative manufacturers, more than 700 domestic sales companies and 6 foreign offices

● great leap forward in products: in 1974, ye Xiangyao, who was 20 years old, bought simple tools after several setbacks and began to produce electrical products by himself. Enterprises in the early stage of establishment are often deeply influenced by the personal charm of entrepreneurs. Ye Xiangyao's influence on this enterprise has been shown very early. In order to expand the production scale and improve the product grade, ye Xiangyao opened in 1980, and then eliminated and issued the dz200 air switch, which was at the leading level at that time, and then developed a new product of dz10-250 air switch. Since then, the innovative development of products has become the genetic essence of Great Wall Electric. The group has established good cooperative relations with universities and scientific research institutions such as Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and Shanghai Institute of electrical technology. The variable frequency air conditioning controller jointly developed with Tsinghua University in 1988 has excellent product performance, filling the domestic gap. In recent years, ye Xiangyao has taken "science and technology are the primary productive forces" as the key to promote the development of enterprises. The company has successively developed a series of products with high scientific and technological content and great market potential. In 2000 alone, the company completed 15 new projects and new product development. Great Wall electric appliance, whose products are constantly spanning, has established the first joint stock limited company named "high tech" in the province. After the AC variable frequency air conditioner controller, the leading product of "High Tech Co., Ltd., was put into operation, the annual production capacity reached 200000 sets, the annual output value was 80million yuan, and the profit was 12million yuan. This product has been listed in the" National Torch Plan "by the Ministry of science and technology

● great leap forward in the market: in the eyes of foreign giants, China's market is a vast blue ocean. Now, due to their intervention, the low-voltage electrical appliance industry in Liushi is undergoing the most severe test. However, Great Wall Electrical appliances made preparations for internationalization as early as 1998. At the end of 1998, Siemens agreed to carry out cooperation negotiations with great wall electrical appliances. In July 1999, the two sides reached a series of consensus on the cooperative development of low-voltage electrical appliances. Siemens regards Great Wall as the production base of low-voltage electrical appliances in China, and the two sides jointly develop products such as combined switchgear and low-voltage lighting boxes. Taking this opportunity, Great Wall Electric began to set sail for internationalization, the level of scientific and Technological Development jumped to a new level, and a steady stream of new products with high-tech content and high added value. Customers and orders from Japan, South Korea, the United States, Turkey and other parts of the world are pouring in. It is reported that in just two years, the sales of enterprises have increased fourorfive times

● brand leap: the main competitive advantages of Chinese enterprises are cost advantages and product advantages, but the weakest is brand advantages. The huge additional benefits brought by strong brands have made great wall electric believe in brand operation. In 2000, Great Wall Electric stepped up the integration of product logo image, and the original "Qingtian" logo of Great Wall familiar to people in the electrical industry was replaced by "CNC", which is an important measure for Great Wall Electric to adapt to the tide of globalization and transition from local brands to international brands. However, there must be a strong corporate culture behind the brand, otherwise it will become empty. Ye Xiangyao said, "Great Wall Electric has made up its mind to accelerate the formation of a unique international Great Wall brand culture, strive to find a suitable management mode, and re-establish and supervise a new set of enterprise brand structure system. According to the future development strategy of the enterprise, the enterprise product system shows" C1 " , which means to detect the relationship between zero brand and professional brand, business brand and product brand, as well as product brand, so as to maximize the value of brand assets on the basis of integrating enterprise resources. "

20 years of hard work, Great Wall Electrical appliances from weak to strong, from extensive to intensive management, from family system to scientific management. His track summarizes the growth of Liushi low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises

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