Four hot trends in the field of food packaging

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Four hot trends in the field of food packaging

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core tip: many packaging enterprises are trying to explore how to constantly innovate in the market reform

[China Packaging News] many packaging enterprises are trying to explore how to continuously innovate in the market reform

with the development of new technology, how to identify the most promising development direction in the future? One way is to focus on what you think is the most promising aspect of the enterprise

China's packaging industry has developed for decades, although it has made rapid progress in paint treatment;, But it still can't meet the growing needs of the food industry. Which direction should packaging enterprises focus on? Where is the development trend of the packaging industry in the future

1. IOT: a joke about IOT. Do you really need your electric toothbrush to remind you to brush your teeth? Nevertheless, as sensors, flexible and printable electronics and other tools become smaller and cheaper, they are being used in the field of food and beverage packaging. A spokesman called it traceability of every product in the world

for example: the sensor can let high-quality vodka brands know whether the wine bottle has been emptied and refilled by retailers. The tracker can guarantee you that your fish will not be stored in a boat or shop below 45 degrees, and even tell you where the fish was caught. Sensors printed in biodegradable boxes can help companies see how long it takes for that box to decompose and disappear

2. Customized production: for packaging, it is the value-added of products. Now grains have many flavors: blueberries, walnuts, raisins, strawberries and almonds. Every one needs a package to make it easy to identify and keep consistent with other packaging in today's booming economy

3.3d printing: the climbing and innovation of the design store or the internal design team is the characteristic of new materials. The bottle model can be obtained by rapid printing. Before formal production, the model can be used to observe and accurately grasp the overall feeling of the bottle

4. Design and manufacturing: fantasy is not good. China is the country with the largest, most complete and most comprehensive physical testing equipment industry in China. You need to imagine that this product may be mass-produced and connect the imagination with the reality. For example, do not design a bottle filled with hot liquid without allowing material expansion. Bottles must be able to be placed on standard shelves and easy to stack. We often hear this from manufacturers, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. We must ensure that this can be achieved

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