Four important trends of the hottest packaging dev

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Four important trends in packaging development

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core tip: packaging is an important factor affecting consumers' purchase of products. This paper sorts out some important trends in packaging development through research on the global packaging industry

[packaging for learning or entrepreneurship in China] packaging is an important factor affecting consumers' purchase of products. This paper sorts out some important trends in packaging development through the research of the global packaging industry

1 personalization

personalization is a theme in 2016, especially in the field of design. Technological progress has triggered a wave of personalization. Coca Cola Bottle sharing has brought the global mainstream trend, which proves that this idea is very successful. Some companies have tried interactive personalization, and customers can design their own favorite labels

personalized packaging can increase product sales. The survey shows that a quarter of Chinese consumers say they are more willing to buy products with personalized packaging, and 61% of American customers say that their perception of the brand comes from the personalized design of packaging. Personalized packaging can be designed according to specific markets, such as different packaging according to different geographical regions and different consumers

2 clean and clear labels

now many consumers pay great attention to product information. They need to know important information such as nutritional components and functions when buying products, so that they can decide whether to buy products. Therefore, the labels of packaging must show these important information simply and clearly

from the perspective of consumers, simple and clear label information will increase their trust in products. They hope that food manufacturers can convey the information they want to know to consumers through labels. The survey shows that 58% of customers will check the ingredient information, while more than three quarters are worried about the use of artificial preservatives

3 attractive touch

vision, touch, smell, taste and hearing can attract consumers. When considering the elements of packaging to attract consumers, many manufacturers often put visual elements in the first place. However, experts say that touch can best mobilize people's senses, and touch can make consumers more willing to pay higher prices

the method of increasing touch can use embossing, laser etching and other methods in printing. Although this will increase the time and cost of packaging production, these additional inputs will help the product obtain additional value. These special effects on the packaging can attract more attention from consumers

4 intellectualization

with the rise of mobile communication tools, some information can be conveyed to consumers in a simple and intelligent way. Now, the vast majority of consumers will carry intelligence when buying products. They can get more information through Bluetooth and NFC. This new technology has attracted many consumers

Diageo introduced NFC technology to print on the label of wine bottles. The working principle of this technology is to send signals over a short distance, so that consumers can talk wirelessly through their intelligence. With the development of the times, packaging has become more and more intelligent and modern

summary: Although the quality of the product itself is important, good quality can retain customers, but good packaging can attract more new consumers and stimulate consumers' desire to buy

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