Four in-depth explorations on the digital transfor

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Four in-depth explorations of the digital transformation of the traditional publishing industry

with the rapid expansion of the industrial scale, the traditional publishing industry has made a leap towards digitalization, but it has never made substantive steps. Only by exploring a mutually beneficial and win-win business model can we provide a fundamental guarantee for the development of digital publishing. The traditional publishing industry has made the following explorations in the digital business model:

1 Building a platform and exploring the way to pay

for publishing groups, building a content platform is the most suitable way for publishing, but the road to the platform has large investment and slow effectiveness, and the risk is much higher than other models. Therefore, only a few digital media companies with strength less than 8ram have chosen this mode

2. Build a database and make steady profits with characteristic resources

for local publishing groups, the local characteristic database they build can not only obtain the support of local governments, but also produce commercial value. At present, many professional publishers rely on database business to obtain stable profits

3. Bundling hardware to realize value-added

the concept of digital publishing has led many publishing groups to launch their own brand e-book readers. 2. Runtime inspection: realize the value-added of digital content through the sale of readers. However, due to the lack of technical support and slow update speed, these products have not achieved good sales in the market

4. Marriage education has broad prospects

in the process of exploring digital publishing by many publishing group digital media companies, educational informatization is a real win-win project. Indeed, for traditional publishers, digitizing the original teaching materials and selling them to schools and libraries is the safest way. But at the same time, this is also the most competitive way. Some analysts believe that SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation for short) is the world's second largest chemical company

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