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Four key points of "fraud" in the paint industry remind you to buy

four key points of "fraud" in the paint industry remind you to buy

December 21, 2011

[China paint information] recently, a building materials boss who claimed to operate a brand of latex paint told the disclosure of the industry darkness that fake latex wall paint and paint in Zhuzhou are selling rampantly, the market price is lower than the purchase price of genuine products, and major projects other than home decoration For large projects, there is no market for genuine latex wall paint and coatings

the boss said that at present, there are three famous brands of latex wall paint and coating: Nippon, Dole plastic industry scholar and China Resources. Almost all of these three brands have franchised stores in Zhuzhou building materials markets. In a store in Hexi, latex wall paint and paint of the three brands are available. In fact, none of them is genuine, and all of them are fakes sent by a paint company in Changsha

because it uses a really promising emulsion paint or paint barrel, laymen can't see it at all, but the quality of this kind of emulsion paint is obviously inferior to the real goods, and it can't cover the black spots; Not to mention environmental performance. According to the survey, many wall paint shops in Zhuzhou are secretly dealing in fake goods. For some large projects and large projects, those with material elongation of more than 1000% can choose 1000 or 1200mm, which are such fake goods; The shops in the community are full of fake goods

the price of fake goods is frighteningly low. Take Dulux paint as an example. The purchase price of authentic 20 liter packages is yuan per barrel, but the purchase price of fake goods is less than 100 yuan. The retail price is lower than that of real goods. If you buy more, it will not exceed 120 yuan. Counterfeiters are not afraid to check at all. They will publicly say to customers, "my goods sell well, that is, they are fake well."

in-depth market investigation: uncover the three major scams behind paint fraud

in order to know the truth, the "private visit to micro clothes" went deep into the paint stores in major building materials markets to investigate and learned:

unannounced visit 1: genuine old barrels of fake goods

first came to a paint specialty store in a building materials market in Hexi as the boss of a big project and asked if it had cheaper goods, The salesperson said, "like you, many customers only come to my store to see the color palette, and then go to other stores to buy it after asking the price. The boss of your big project doesn't like my authentic goods..."

came to another paint store nearby, and the salesperson guarding the store was a salesperson. We can see that in addition to the three brands of emulsion paint mentioned above, there are other coatings operated by the store. "Why are the goods here so much cheaper than those in exclusive stores?" Express the need to buy cheap, good quality paint. After confirming that it was a big customer, the salesperson said without concealment: "to be honest, the goods here are reloaded with latex wall paint and paint barrels, and the goods are delivered from Changsha."

in this store, a barrel of duluxpro with a 20 liter package only costs 120 yuan after bargaining, and a barrel of latex paint with a "refined version" of 5 liters only costs 150 yuan. However, in a nearby specialty store, it is seen that the price of the same outer packaging is more than 400 yuan, and it also costs more than 300 yuan after bargaining

unannounced visit 2: the exclusive store has set up a "bargain area"

there is a Nippon Paint exclusive store near this store. The shop owner repeatedly suggested buying authentic products when he asked for bargains. After the persuasion failed, he said helplessly, "I also have this kind of goods." She brought it to a small store next door that connected with the exclusive store and said that this was also her store. She really wanted to buy cheap goods, and she could also supply them

why do stores also sell fake goods? The shopkeeper said: some customers who do large projects specify that they want this kind of parallel goods, and you leave the business without selling it. However, it's no good not to buy real goods for private decoration. We have no choice but to do so

after leaving, I went to a China Resources paint store in a building materials market in Lusong district. After the salesperson failed to promote authentic China Resources products, he said, "if you want to buy a bargain, I also have it." After negotiating the price, she asked for a cheaper price. She immediately called the boss and finally settled on 110 yuan/barrel

the plastic granulator then came to a specialty store in the market. The boss smiled bitterly after declaring that she wanted to load Dulux fake goods in 20 liters, but finally said that she could also ask the deliveryman to supply goods. A barrel of 100 yuan only earned a price difference of 9 yuan. As for whether the delivery person was from Changsha or Xiangtan, she wouldn't say

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