Four hazards of the hottest plastic film must be k

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The four hazards of plastic film have to be known

the current situation of the use of plastic film in agricultural production is basically plastic greenhouse vegetables. The whole production process of vegetables is almost inseparable from plastic film. While plastic film brings economic benefits to agricultural production, it also causes inevitable hazards

first, destroy the soil structure. After the agricultural film debris enters the farmland, it changes the structure of the soil, reducing soil productivity and crop yield

second, the plastic film remaining in the soil is not conducive to the exchange of soil water and gas, and the barrier of plastic debris is not conducive to the normal growth and development of crops

third, it affects the survival of microorganisms in soil. The decomposition of plastic film in soil is a long process, which will decompose and volatilize many harmful substances, affecting the survival of microorganisms

IV. however, the most serious thing is that the plastic is thin, and its structural performance fully meets the requirements of the experimental specifications. The harmful substances produced in the residual decomposition process of the membrane will pollute the groundwater, and improper treatment will even cause secondary pollution of the environment

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